Harare City Council has commemorated the World Book Day at Kuwadzana Library as a way of showing the community the importance of the libraries and a reading culture.

In an interview councillor Jason Zivai Kautsa, said he was honoured that council decided to celebrate the day in his ward.

“It is a very good thing that Harare City Council has managed to commemorate this event because it motivates the community to read.”

He also said that the event was not only about reading but also caters for various arts activities.

“We also witnessed a number of activities which include singing and dancing. Some of the performers were good even at imitating songs for example Oliver Mtukudzi’s songs.”

The councillor also said that he was impressed by the use of different languages.

“Teachers are doing a very good job to teach the children on our vernacular languages since they will be able to communicate in various languages.”

Mr Chirikure Chirikure, an author, who was also present at the event thanked Harare City Council for recognising this day which is important to many people especially the authors.

“I would like to thank the United Nations for setting up this day and Harare City Library for recognising this day and motivating the community to read so as to have literate and more informed people.”

Letwin Chikenga, a Kuwadzana 2 High Student thanked Harare City Council for building the library locally and be part of the World Book Day commemoration.

“Harare City Council has done a good job by building up this library as it benefits us as students. It saves us transport money and the fact that there is a commemoration of the World Book Day here,shows how privileged we are to have our own library.

World Book Day, initiated by United Nations is recognised globally.