Ward 38 Cllr Clifton Zumba has bemoaned vandalism of council property especially tower lights in and around his ward saying it was curtailing council efforts to develop the city.
Cllr Zumba said progressive development in his ward is of utmost importance and urged residents to play their part in safeguarding council infrastructure.
“Although the nation has been experiencing economy hardships, we as council have subscribed to the notion of making it our priority that service delivery within our wards is met.
“The issue of vandalism of council property especially tower lights in and around the ward has been a major drawback.
“Some tower lights have been fixed, although lack of spare parts has seen the slow progress of repairs,” Cllr Zumba has said.
Cllr Zumba said Council is aware of the major challenges being faced at ward level and has assured quality service delivery with the little resources at council’s disposal
“We do know the Council has other major priorities and has its back against the wall.
“We were hoping that the council may assist us with solar boreholes since our boreholes are failing to sustain all residents and the water crisis is increasing.” he said.
He also acknowledged the support of other stakeholders in the sustainable development efforts that are taking place in his ward.
“I would like to acknowledge the sustainable efforts being showcased by our partners in developing the community. A prime example being Welthungerhilfe who assisted us on clearing some of the major dump sites in the ward,” he said.
“ Rehabilitation of sewer and renovations of public toilets have made life easier for the residents and a water tank at Kuwadzana 5 shopping centre has eased the water crisis,” he said.
He also encouraged residents to communicate and participate in activities that will help and improve the community at large.
“As local councillor I expect residents to come for meetings and also contribute through brainstorming sessions on how to improve ward projects and developments.
“If we come together and resolve these issues, we may even find alternatives to some persistent problems the ward,” he said.