Ward 33, Councillor Oddrey Chirombe has partnered the Youth Empowerment of Zimbabwe to offer career training programmes for Budiriro residents.
The programmes on offer include nurse aid training, soap making, methylated spirit making, paraffin making, and beads making among others.
Cllr Chirombe said the courses were open to all age groups and people pay a nominal fee. The courses are run for periods ranging from five days to six months.
“What motivated me is that most of the people are failing to go to colleges and further their studies. They can easily get income after the short course for instance soap making,” he said.
“After presentation to the community, the project is being well taken. The nurse aid training package offers six courses that includes Pharmacology and HIV Counselling courses just to mention a few.”
He added that, besides offering courses a nutritional garden was set at Council Youth Training centre, which is to cater for those who are vulnerable and HIV positive.
“It involves vegetables of different kinds for the vulnerable and HIV positive,” he said.