The Division is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Department’s human, financial and asset resources and also to render  secretarial and support services to the professional and technical arms of the department such as secretarial, typing, registry, library and public relations of the department.

The division has the following sections:

Personnel and Administration Section

This section is solely responsible for the staff establishment of the Department of Urban Planning Services including staff movements, staff training and development and termination of employment. The section also deals with Transport, Plant and Risk Management issues, this includes motor vehicle accidents, locomotion, public liability claims, injury on duty and all forms of risk.

Finance Section

The Finance Section is the nerve centre of the department and involves the following; it provides budgetary controls and procurement of assets, processes and authorizes of payments to creditors, prepares monthly reports on expenditure and income returns. The section also ensures that procurements of items and accessories are done in terms of financial regulation governing council operations.

The functions of this section can be summarised as follows:

  • Preparation of revenue and capital budgets;
  • Control of both revenue and capital budget provisions;
  • Procure assets items in terms of financial regulations governing council operations;
  • Write financial reports to council committee on Finance;
  • Process creditors and contractors payments for City Treasury disbursements;
  • Produce departmental financial management reports monthly;
  • Manage and control department’s imprest petty cash account;
  • Compile and submit to City Treasury annual stocks on hand for the department;
  • Compile and submit monthly V.A.T. returns to City Treasury.