Functions of The Division

The City Architect’s division is the council regulatory arm on all building or construction of buildings matters. It deals with design and production of drawings and plans for all council buildings, produces bills of quantities, and schedule of materials and cost estimates for any new work, renovation or maintenance of buildings. The division also supervises construction of council buildings. It also receives and processes all building plans for approvals in accordance with building by-laws and carries out all construction stage inspections to ensure compliance with approved plans.

The Division is sub-divided into the following four functional Sections namely:


The section is responsible for designs, working drawings and supervision of construction works on programmes.

Quantity Surveying

The section is responsible for cost control on council building projects, maintenance projects and reports to Council on same. The section also supervises contracted-out works.

Clerk of Works

The section is responsible for both quality and cost-control of project outputs especially on council and donor funded projects. The section also supervises on-site works for tendered out projects and council projects.

Building Inspectorate

The section is responsible for building plans approval and stage inspections and issuance of Certificates of Compliance.