The City Environmental Technical Services section was established in 2006 after the transfer of water and sewerage functions to ZINWA in 2005. The section is highly involved in the regulatory functions of all engineering functions on water, sewer and laboratories of the city.

The section operates in two subsections:

Technical Engineering Services

The main functions of the section are to give technical advice on proposed developments by both private sector and municipality with regards to existing water and sewer infrastructure. The Section identifies potential for underground water, septic tanks provisions within the city and act as project engineers for all municipal works related to physical development of land. Engineering Technical Services provide technical backup to all estates development, on-site infrastructure supervision and cleaner environment management services within the City.

Environmental  Regulatory Services

The environmental regulatory section of the Department of Urban Planning Services was created in January 2007 as a result of the restructuring and transformation of the City operations. It is responsible for environmental protection operations in the City in terms of the Environmental Management Act (CAP 20:27). It enforces environmental protection activities through inspections of industrial premises for the control of water, air and land pollution by recommending appropriate technology in mitigatory measures. The section also attends to accidental discharges to the environment from industry and road tanker liquid removals and put in place systems to reduce environmental damage or impact.

Functions/Key Result Areas of The Section

The section is responsible for the following functions:

  • Crafting of local environment action plans for all areas under the City’s jurisdiction.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Provides technical advice on proposals for municipal and private sector in relation to water and sanitation requirements before a permit is granted or issued.
  • Checks and approves water and sewer reticulation design drawings submitted by consultants, municipality and private developers.
  • Plans, design drawings and monitors construction of water and sewer infrastructure.
  • Issue and grant certificates of compliance on completion of infrastructure developments for water, sewer and environmental mitigate measures.
  • Approve and grant Borehole applications and provide regulatory guidance on same within Harare City boundaries.
  • Provide bills of quantities on all municipal constructed water and sewer infrastructure developments.
  • Process building plans; town planning proposals on circulation and recommend for approval.