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The Division is headed by Engineer George Munyonga who is located at the Crusher Station. City of Harare owns the Quarry sited between Airport Road to the east and Seke Road to the west, off Dieppe Road. The Quarry Plant is located on a 100 hectare piece of land.  The type of rock found in this quarry is granite. The City began to exploit the granite rock deposits in earnest in the 1940s.  The Plant is the 'Life Blood' of the Council's road network construction and maintenance works.

The plant is into three sections: -

Crusher Plant includes the quarry pit and production of crushed stone, with the majority of the product going for use on the City road construction. These stone aggregates are in various sizes: -

  • Quarry Dust
  • 6.7mm Stone
  • 13mm Stone
  • 19mm Stone
  • Crusher Run

Asphalt Plant is for the production of premix, it mixes hot and cold asphalt concrete mix (bitumen and stone aggregate) used for road maintenance, e.g. pothole patching, sealing and surfacing.

Concrete Products Casting Yard is involved with manufacturing of concrete product building materials e.g. bricks and interlocking blocks for road construction, slabs, kerbing, mainhole and catch pit covers.

Plans to recapitalize the Plant are underway.  It is envisaged that the capacitated Plant will perform at commercial levels in respect of the three sections above.

Safety - Council will always ensure that the employees exposed in the harmful environments are well protected and that there is zero harm at their workstation.