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The Audit Manager, Mr J.D Issa, heads this division and is accountable to the Audit Committee. The Division reports administratively to the Town Clerk.


To ensure the integrity of the City of Harare’s operations, adherence to the City’s systems and procedures and to minimise the impact of unforeseen circumstances. The Audit Division also identifies and assesses the level and characteristics of risk inherent in the organisation then proposes the implementation of systems and procedures for control.

Audit Functions 

The Audit functions can be categorised into two services as follows:

Auditing Services

The objectives of the Audit Division’s auditing services include the provision of independent assurance to the Audit Committee and management that:

  • The City Council’s assets are safe-guarded;
  • Operating efficiency is enhanced;
  • Compliance is maintained with prescribed laws, best practices and Council and management policies;
  • Risk is being managed;
  • The organisation’s records are reliable and
  • The City Council’s goals and objectives are achieved.

Consulting and Advisory Services

The Audit Division’s objectives for the consulting and advisory services include:

  • Providing management with assessments and advice for improving processes that will advance the goals and objectives of Council.
  • Providing assessments and advice on operations so that risks may be identified and managed.
  • Ensuring that internal controls are designed to enable the organisation to achieve compliance with Council regulations and international best practice.