The Human Capital Management function in the City of Harare has evolved since the 1970s. As a Department it has grown through infancy, adolescence and adulthood. Throughout this journey, it has encountered and conquered many challenges as it moved from fragmentation to a solid results-driven and forward looking Department. The journey traveled and its metamorphosis over the years is captured in the table below:

Background and historical context




  • Human resources functions were fragmented with Management Services Group (MSG) reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) while general personnel reported to the City Administration Manager who reported to the CEO.


  • Town Clerk (TC) was re-introduced
  • MSG reported to the TC with the following Sections: Organisation & Methods, Personnel Administration & Industrial Relations (IR)
  • MSG coordinated HR functions under O& M personnel Administration & IR sections.
  • Organisation & Methods was reconfigured to a Division called MSG
  • MSG, Personnel Administration ,Training& IR became Divisions reporting to the TC
  • Individual departments were performing  Staff Office functions


  • Concept of a Human Resources (HR) Department was initiated by the City


  • The first HR Director (Dr. A. Agere) was appointed to run the HR Department with three Divisions: MSG, Employment & Training and IR.
  • The Divisions were now manned by Personnel managers. 
  • Assistant Personnel Managers were appointed reporting to departments but doing all other functions except those of MSG.


  • Through the strategic document, the HR function reported to the Chamber Secretary (CS)


  • The HR function was reconstituted to a Department with three Divisions: MSG, Employment & Training and IR.


  • The HR Department had three Divisions: MSG, IR and Employment, Training and Development.
  • The Education portfolio was transferred from CS to HR Department.


  • The HR Department had four Divisions: Salaries administration (from City Treasury), MSG, IR and Recruitment, Training & Development.  
  • Education portfolio was moved to Department of Housing & Community Services.


  • Mr. Cainos Chingombe appointed Human Resources Director.


  • The HR Department had four Divisions: Manning Services (responsible for MSG & Recruitment), IR, Employees Benefits & Welfare (incorporating employee housing from Department of Housing & Community Services) and Training & Development.


  • Assistant Personnel managers were renamed assistant HR managers reporting to the Manning Services Manager.
  • The Department renamed Human Capital Department, Manning Services changed its name to Human Capital Services, Industrial Relations changed to Employee Relations, Employee Benefits & Welfare changed to Remuneration & Employee Welfare. The Training & Development was merged with Management Services Group to form a Division.