The Division aims to promote productivity through business process management and benchmarking

The MSG Division is Headed by Chief Organization & Methods Analyst. The MSG Division is located in the Human Capital Department and is charged with the following Key Result Areas (KRAs):
1.    Workforce Planning-Aligning workforce plan to corporate strategy in terms of numbers and skills
2.    Organization Design-Aligning the organizational structure to the corporate strategy
3.    Business Process Management-Mapping, measurement and optimization of processes and procedures to achieve higher levels of productivity (efficiency, effectiveness and economy)
4.    Job Evaluation-Maintaining a job grading structure in line with the Castellion Job Evaluation System


Current Projects:
1.    Implementation of Business Process Management (Standard Operating Procedures)
2.    Job Evaluation
3.    Development and implementation of a Productivity Measurement Framework

Contact Details:
Physical Location: Rowan Martin Building-Offices D18 and D21
Phone: 024(2)753000 Ext 2522/2518
Cell: 0773003631 (Chingame), 0784845468 (Moffat)


A/Chief Organization & Methods Analyst