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The division is  based at DHCS Remembrance Drive in Mbare.

Functions of the Division are as follows:

Parks Facilities

Facilities for weddings, birthday parties and any other outdoor functions are available at:

Other recreational Parks in Harare are located in the following areas:
Budiriro, Kuwadzana, Glen Norah, Highfields, Mabvuku, Marlborough, Mabelreign, Balantyne Park, Logan Park and Waterfalls.

Contact Persons

Harare Gardens Offices: For Bookings you can contact Mrs Mutsvangwa on 263-4-764073.

Hillside Nursery: For Floral decorations and plants sales you can visit the Hillside Nursery off Glenara Road/Helm Road, Hillside, Harare or phone Mr Chigumbu on 263-4-2932734.

Greening of the City: contact Mr Marima  on 263-4-764 073

Grass Cutting: Contact Mr Mudhutswa on 263-4-762 795

Tree surgery: Contact Mr Doka on 263-4-764 073

Cemeteries Section


Services Offered


A pauper is defined by law as a person who has died as an unknown person within the geographic boundaries of the City of Harare or any local authority and shall be buried at the discretion of Harare City Council with the assistance of the national social service.

An Indigent

An indigent person is defined as a destitute person who has died in indigent circumstances within the geographic boundaries of the City of Harare were no relatives, other person, NGO or Welfare Organization can be found to pay for the burial or cremation cost of the deceased  person. 

In terms of the law, a person who has died in a hospital or other institution shall be the responsibility of that hospital or institution.

General Regulations And By-Laws

  1. Garden on grave;
  2. Erect, place or leave upon a grave any object or decoration, except during the first 30 days following burials.

Appeal Procedure


The City has got nine cemeteries of which four are still active and the other five are closed.

Active Cemeteries

Closed cemeteries

Classification of Cemeteries

Cemeteries are classified into three classes which are:

Class A+   

These cemeteries are class A+ because of the following attributes:

Class A  

These cemeteries are class A because of the following attributes:

Class B   

These cemeteries are class B because of the following attributes:


The cremation services are offered at:

Cemetery Price List  

Class B - Granville B, Mabvuku And Highfield Cemetery

  Normal Coffin (USD) Enlargement /Casket  (USD) Over time (Weekend /Public Holidays) (USD)
Adult Resident   87 29 29
Infant Resident 46 29 29
Adult Non-Resident 115 29 29
Infant Non-Resident 58 29 29
Adult Non-Zimbabwean  173 29 29
Infant Non-Zimbabwean 87 29 29


   Class A - Granville A Cemetery

  Normal Coffin (USD) Enlargement /Casket  (USD) Over time (Weekend /Public Holidays) (USD)
Adult Resident   115 29 58
Infant Resident 58 29 58
Adult Non-Resident 144 29 58
Infant Non-Resident 81 29 58
Adult Non-Zimbabwean  173 29 58
Infant Non-Zimbabwean 87 29 58


Class A+ - Warren Hills, Greendale And Pioneer Cemetery

  Normal Coffin (USD) Enlargement /Casket  (USD) Over time (Weekend /Public Holidays) (USD)
Adult Resident   231 29 58
Infant Resident (Muslim)
102 29 58
Adult Non-Resident 259 29 58
Infant Non-Resident (Muslim)
115 29 58
Adult Non-Zimbabwean  374 29 58
Infant Non-Zimbabwean (Muslim)
173 29 58


Hindu  Cremations

  Resident (USD) Non-resident (USD)
Overtime (USD)
Plot 58 115 58
Plaque 29 58 58
Burial of Ashes 58 173 58
Cremations 115 173 58


Grave Reservations

  Resident (USD)
Non-resident (USD)
B Cemeteries 58 87
A Cemeteries 87 144
A+ Cemeteries 173 230


Other Service Charges

  Charges (USD)
Grave Re-open 87
Second Burial 115
Exhumation 288
Exhumation of Ashes 58
Memorial 29
Erection Certificate 87
Kerbing 87
Chips 87
Memorial (additional work) 29
Grave Transfer 29
Grave maintenance per year 87
Chapel service TBA


Hours of Business

All cemeteries are open to members of the public during the following days and business hours:


Service Days & Time
Burials Monday to Sunday    1100 to 1500
Visits Monday to Sunday 0900 to 1600

Monday to Friday 0800 to 1500

Weekends and public holidays 0800 to 1100

Construction of Memorials  Monday to Friday only 0900 to 1500