The Division is headed by the Head Districts Administration Mr F Machipisa. The Division ensures that service delivery is brought close to the residents and ratepayers of the City. It fulfils this mandate through the City’s District Offices scattered throughout Greater Harare. These District offices are supervised from Head Office (DHSD) Remembrance Drive in Mbare by the Head- Districts Administration who is also responsible for managing the Informal sector, which comprises of Home Industries, guarded car parks and markets.

The Division manages the operations of twenty six High and Low Density Districts in Greater Harare and nine Sub-Offices. The Division established two new District Offices in Caledonia (Harare East) and Hopley (Harare South). The former is already operational and the latter will start operating soon.

The Division successfully refurbished Mbare Farmer’s Market by erecting a new brick wall around the market, new gates and provided wooden pallets during the last quarter of 2016. New wooden pallets were also provided at Highfield’s Lusaka Farmers market. The refurbishment of the above has helped to increase revenue inflows by doing away with illegal trading.


Council passed a resolution to decentralize service delivery as a strategy towards achieving 75% customer satisfaction by 2020. This is part of the journey towards a World Class City status by 2025

Underlying Principles in the Success of Decentralisation


SERVICE DELIVERY STRUCTURE - implementation matrix

The city has been divided into eight operational zones under a Chief Area Admin Officer (CAAO). The Office of the Chief Area Administration is a One-Stop-Shop for service delivery at Zone Level reporting to the Head District Administration. Reporting to the Chief Area Administration Officer is done functionally, as this person is key in resource allocation and distribution across all decentralised service delivery functions within the zone. All decentralised functions across departments shall be under the control of the Chief Area Administration Officer of the zone who will further report to various departments of Council on issues to do with service delivery.