Background and Historical Context 


1915 The department’s formation is traceable to 1915 when it was known as the Sanitary Department with a thrust on the control of flies and mosquitoes.
1916 The department took responsibility over slaughter areas.
1918 The department was renamed Public Health Sanitary Department.
1920 New isolation European Hospital, new hospital now Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital was built in1936.
1921 New isolation hospital, Lazaretto built for natives. Rudimentary service with improvements made in 1939 and new hospital built in 1956 and renamed Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases Hospital.
1922 TB and Medical Examination Centre opened in Market Square, present Medical Examination Centre built in1973.
1934 Appointment of Medical Officer of Health A.J Wilkins supported by a typist and four inspectors.
1935 Child Welfare in full swing.
1937 Queen Elizabeth Clinic.
1938 Cranborne and Parktown Clinics.
1940 Domiciliary maternity services and District nurse introduced.
1940 Avondale clinic opened.
1945 Highlands clinic opened.
1948 Harare Hostel Dispensary, now Mbare Polyclinic is opened.
1950  Coronation Park clinic along Gatooma road (now old Kadoma road).
1951  Arcadia Clinic opens. 
1952  Braeside and Eastlea Clinics.
1953 Nyenyere Dispensary.
Matapi Clinic.
1954 Mabvuku (Donneybrook) opened.
1956 Harare dental clinic opened and then closed, in 1964 clinic opened in Bank Street and later moved to Beatrice Road. Gershon dental opened 1973.
1962  Mufakose Clinic.
1967 Highfield Rural Hospital was originally built but handed over to council on 16 September 1974.
1971 Edith Oppermann Maternity centre.  
1972 Kambuzuma taken over from Red Cross on 1 February 1972, new clinic built in 1979, maternity unit in 1978 and Primary Care in 1978.
Dzivaresekwa maternity care Clinic.
Arcadia dental clinic opened.  
1973 Western Triangle clinic
Western Triangle operated by Red Cross and replaced by clinic in converted farm house in Glen Norah on 1 January 1973.
Lobengula Clinic opened in 1959, closed in1977 and Chest Clinic moved to Medical Examination Centre in Harare in1973.
Rutsanana Polyclinic, primary care opened 1973, maternity in 1974 - and polyclinic opened January 1976.
Health visitor service in Mabvuku, Tafara, Highlands and Borrowdale.
Mabvuku maternity clinic.
1975 Mabvuku primary care. 
1976 Zengeza/St Mary’s, Rutsanana polyclinic. 
1977 Preceded by a mobile European Child Welfare Clinic, the African/European clinic opened in Borrowdale in 1977. 
1978 Borrowdale Primary Care Clinic(02/01/78)/Sunningdale Clinic FHS. 
1979  Kambuzuma Poly Clinic 3/279.
1980 Rutsanana Dental Clinic 2/1/80 Dzivarasekwa Primary Care Clinic 18/7/80. 
1981 Mufakose Dental Clinic 1/4/81.
Glen View Primary Care Clinic 08/81.
Warren Park Temporary Clinic 19/10/81.  
1982 Glen View Maternity 4/1/82.
Parirenyatwa Primary Care Clinic 17/11/82.
1983 Mabvuku Dental Clinic 1/3/83.
Mbare Primary Care Clinic 31/8/83.
Highfield Primary Care Clinic 17/11/83.
 1984 Genito Urinary Centre 1/2/84.
Southerton Primary Care Clinic 31/8/84.
1985 Warren Park Polyclinic 21/6/85.
1987 Glen View Satellite 29/9/87.
1988 Glen Norah Satellite 28/10/88.
Kuwadzana Polyclinic 31/3/88.
Mabelreign Satellite 30/11/88.
1990 Western Triangle Satellite 24/3//90. 
Sunningdale Satellite 3/2/90.
1991 Hatfield Satellite 24/6/91.
1993 Hatcliff Polyclinic 20/9/93.