The Division is located at Beatrice Road Infectious Disease Hospital (BRIDH) and it is headed by Mrs Florence Chingwena.

Functions of The Division

The department has a central pharmacy that is located at Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases hospital and has the responsibility to purchase, supply and monitor the drugs and medical sundries for the department. Thanks largely to the support the department has been receiving from the International Committee of the Red Cross and the German government and the City of Munich, the city averaged 70% availability of essential drugs and over 90% of vital drugs in 2008 and 2009. The supply of sundry materials also improved.  

While the department welcomes and appreciates the support it received from partners, this support will  not be in perpertuity and the city needs to find a more sustainable funding arrangement. There is  need to drastically improve our stock management systems. Firstly, there is need to computerise the central pharmacy at Beatrice Road Hospital. All the clinics and hospitals dispensaries  need to be computerised and networked to the central pharmacy. There is need to continuously train all staff in stock management. The department also faces considerable challenges in terms of logistics. Currently the department uses the same pool vehicles used for linen, clinic waste and other logistics to ferry drugs and medical sundries. The pharmacy moves enough quantities of drugs and sundries to justify a lorry dedicated for that purpose.