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The Division is located at Rowan Martin Building (RMB).

Functions of The Division

Child Health Services

Child health services are provided at the city Family Health Services, and in a limited way in at all city council health institutions. Family Health service include growth monitoring, vaccinations, family planning and school health services. The private health sector also accounts for a significant portion of this service. Unfortunately the department is unable to quantify this at the moment but this strategic plan recognises the urgent need to incorporate this in all future plans. The attendances at the under five clinics, 34% was the overall increase in the attendances for weighing advice and immunizations. All districts realized an increase as illustrated in the table below.

Family Health Services

The city has 33 Family Health Service clinics that provide Family planning. The pill remains the most popular contraceptive method. In line with the department’s policy to provide an integrated service, family planning has been integrated with HIV/AIDS and this would further enhance quality care to women and couples who are HIV positive. There are still very low numbers of men accessing family planning services at the clinics.
In summary the major challenges under maternal child health: