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Sewer Reticulation

City of Harare has a sewerage reticulation total of 6000km with sizes ranging from 100mm  to 150mm house connections the smallest size in collector sewers up to 1350mm trunk sewers. There are 5 pump stations, 5 Sewerage treatment plants namely, Firle (144ML/day), Crowborough (54ML/day) Hatcliffe (2,5ML/day), Donnybrook (12ML/day), Marlborough(7,0ML/day).

Sewer Blockages

Blockages were reduced from an average of 50 blockages per suburb per day in 2008 when there was a cholera outbreak to the current less than 10 blockages per suburb per day.  Reaction time has been reduced to less than 6 hours but target is less than 2 hours.

Sewerage Plants Rehabilitation

The city has embarked on sewer rehabilitation starting with reticulation system in 2009 with a total of more than 200km of sewer pipes replaced. The program must be continuous with an average of 50km pipe replacement every year for the system to cope with expansion and reduce collapse due to old age.

Sewage Treatment plants are being upgraded with capacity improved from 0Ml/day in 2008 to the current 72Ml/day.