The main responsibilities of the Division involves planning, operations and general management of the City’s water production infrastructure at Morton Jaffray and Prince Edward Water Treatment Plants.


Planning involves checking the present and future water needs of the City.

Planning the infrastructure for raw water sources in conjunction with the Ministry of Water Resources, Management and Development, Ministry of Local Government, Urban and Rural Development and Ministry of Finance.


Operations involves extracting raw water from the lakes, purifying water in conjunction with Quality Assurance Division and pumping the treated water to the City‘s booster pump station at Warren Control, to the City’s storage reservoir at Lochnvar and Marimba and to the town of Norton. Inkomo Barracks and Sublime Township have off – takes from the Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant pumping mains to Warren Control and Lochnivar Reservoirs respectively.

Chitungwiza Municipal Council reservoirs are fed directly from Prince Edward Treatment Plant.

The treated water complies with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and the Quality Assurance Division monitors this compliance. In addition water samples are sent to independent laboratories as a further check on compliance.

Raw Water Quality

The Harare raw water quality has been depreciating over the years due to domestic, agricultural and industrial activities in Harare, Chitungwiza, Norton and Ruwa. Sewage works in these local authorities are dysfunctional resulting in raw sewage flows into the dams since they are located downstream of the settlements.

This has seen an increasing demand for chemicals to make the water potable. The City now uses 8 chemicals to effectively deal with the impurities and is incurring an expenditure of US$3 million per month. Besides the costs, there is also reduced productivity as filters at the works are frequently chocked and have to be backwashed. The current backwashing frequency is now every 8 hours resulting in water losses of 105 ML/day instead of backwashing once in 48 hours which would lose only 17.5 ML/day.

Raw Water Sources

Harare obtains raw water from four impoundments on the Manyame River. These are Harava and Seke Dams which supply Prince Edward (Seke) Treatment Works, and Chivero and Manyame Dams which supply Morton Jaffray (Manyame) Treatment Works.