Banking Details

Acc Name: City of Harare

Bank: CABS, 4th Street

For Online Banking: 1002733316

For RTGS: 1003655211

The Division is headed by a Revenue Collection Manager - Mr L. Churu who is located at Rowan Martin Building. The major responsibility of the division is to collect and bank Council's money for rates, supplementary, rents, water and other charges for services offered by council.


To provide centralised, effective and efficient revenue collection system for the City of Harare through the efforts of dedicated officers who carry-out their duties ethically and professionally.


Ensuring timeous and correct billing, efficient and effective revenue collection, proper accounting and benchmarking against best practices.

The Functions of The Division

For efficiency and effectiveness, the Division has five sections namely; Cash Control, Licensing, Credit Control, Rates Billing and Rents and Fees. The Division is responsible for all District Offices and sub-offices that are dotted around Greater Harare in Low and High residential suburbs. Given below are the main activities of the sections that make-up the Division:

District Revenue Offices

  • Receipting of payments for rates, water charges, building plan fees, dog licenses, bicycle licenses and other miscellaneous income from ratepayers consumers.
  • Debt collection and management through the process of issuing letters of demand, disconnection of water supplies and initiation of legal action.
  • Maintenance of consumer data bases for the purpose of accurate billing.
  • Proper accounting and custody of the collected revenue.
  • Reconciliation of the local accounts with the central data base.
  • Attending to ratepayer queries.

Licensing Section

  • Receipting of Shop license fees, and other sundry licenses such as dog, bicycle and any other.
  • Receipting of Rank, disc fees and sale of prepaid parking discs.

Cash Control Section

  • Receipting of payments for rates, water charges and other miscellaneous income from ratepayers and consumers.
  • Reconciliation of payments that are made through the Electronic Banking System and crediting the respective account holders.
  • Preparation of daily and monthly consolidated revenue collection reports for the division.
  • Deals with payment queries from ratepayers.

Rents and Fees Section

  • Maintenance of up to date leased properties records.
  • Monitoring and follow up income on land sales.
  • Processing documents for payments for Billboards and other advertising agencies, who advertise on Council land and properties.
  • Follow-up defaulters on payments for ambulance and other sundry fees.
  • Enforcement of payments of rentals for Council leased buildings and open land.

Rates Billing Section

  • Maintenance of the rates data base.
  • Sub-divisions and consolidation of properties.
  • Centralized billing of all properties on the Council’s data base for rates, refuse, sewerage and water levies.
  • Raising of charges for Railway sidings.

Download the Zoning Tariff Schedule for 2012 here

Credit Control Section

  • Debt Management, monitoring and collection through:
  • Issue of Letters of demand.
  • Institution of Summons commencing action.
  • Institution of Summons of eviction.
  • Issue of Warrants of execution.
  • Issue of Warrants of ejectments.
  • Attachment of movable and immovable properties.
  • Sale-in-Execution of the attached properties.