Banking Details

Acc Name: City of Harare

Bank: CABS, 4th Street

For Online Banking: 1002733316

For RTGS: 1003655211

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The Central Accounts Division is headed by Mr Godfrey Kusangaya. The functions of the Division falls under the following sections:

Final Accounts and Budgetary Monitory Control

  • Preparation of final accounts;
  • Preparation of Revenue and Capital Budgets;
  • Budgetary Control and Monitoring income an expenditure;
  • Financial Advisory service to sister departments;
  • Submission of Statutory statistical information to Government;
  • Financial appraisal of projects;
  • Payments to Council creditors.

Expenditure Office

Responsible for the payment and administration of contracts.

Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank statements analysis and determining relevant accounts being affected and make the necessary adjustments to the cash book.
  • Reconciliation of the bank account every month ending up to Final Accounts.


Determining weekly reports on issues pertaining to plant, labour, material and transport.

Investments (Consolidated Loans Fund)

Administration of Investments and Loans Fund.

Key Result Areas of The Division

  • Management of the planning process;
  • Maintenance of accounting records;
  • Consolidation of financial reports;
  • Cash flow reporting and analysis;
  • Internal controls and loss control;
  • Investments and loan administration.