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The District Administration Division is situated at Remembrance Drive, in Mbare. The Division  ensures that service delivery is brought close to the residents and ratepayers of the City. It fulfills this mandate through the City’s District Offices scattered throughout Greater Harare. These District offices are supervised from Head Office that is at DHCS Rememberance Drive in Mbare by the Districts Administration Manager and his ancillary staff.

Functions of The Division

  • Effective co-ordination of District Offices.
  • Monthly service delivery meetings with stakeholders in District Offices in efforts to review service delivery levels.
  • The development of Home Industries in Greater Harare as an avenue of creating employment for its clientele.
  • The development of Flea Markets in partnership with the private sector, also as a way of creating employment.
  • Identification of illegal trading, illegal vending, and illegal structures by District Officers and informing relevant regulatory authorities for further action.