This is a section that falls under the Corporate Services & Housing Department and is found at Town House. The Public and International Affairs and Protocol is the point section for the whole of Council and it is also the link between Council and the Central Government.

Key Result Areas of the Section

  • Coordination of Council's public affairs locally and internationally.
  • Responsible for twinning arrangements with other cities as well as protocols.
  • Conducting research for the Mayor, Councillors and Heads of Departments, e.g. for use in their meetings with stakeholders, in twinning arrangements with other cities, and any other areas of interest to Council where research is inevitable.
  • Formulating Council policies on the involvement of stakeholders in Council business so as to ensure democracy and transparency in City affairs. To this end, Council will hold quarterly meetings with stakeholders outside the Council's report back meetings.
  • Engaging or involving stakeholders in the Council's budgetary process and in the making and amendments of Council's By-Laws.
  • Implementing Council's decisions timeously.
  • Compiling and updating a detailed stakeholder’s profile.
  • Representing Council on outside bodies, e.g. in preparatory meetings for Independency, Heroes and Defense Forces Day commemorations etc.