Process Land Alienations
2.01 Records Office receives and registers land applications in the Applications Register.
2.02 Head CVEM considers the applications (proposed use and size e.t.c) and assigns the Principal Estates Officer responsible for land sales/leases.
2.03 Principal Estates Officer collects necessary information around the land applied for or analyses land in the Land Bank (ownership, land use, size). Where land is not in the Land Bank refer to FD/CVEM/Estates/Land Bank 01: Administer Land Bank.
2.04 Principal Valuations Officer institutes land valuation processes (refer to FD/CVEM/Valuations 01/ FD/CVEM/Valuations 04: Value non- residential properties/ Value unserviced land) and a report is prospered to Council on either direct recommendation or tender process taking into account subscription levels, land size, land value etc
2.05 For direct recommendation refer to FD/CVEM/Estates/Leases 02: Allocate Property for Lease/Sale.
2.06 For tender process, as per public procurement procedure.
2.07 Head CVEM advertises the proposed allocation for public objections and recommends accordingly.
2.08 Principal Estates Officer updates the Land Bank Register/Database in view of the sale/lease.
2.09 Head CVEM effects the necessary deeds transfers upon completion of the sale when necessary.