Residents have been warned against illegally settling on land reserved for public amenities as this may affect service delivery in the long run.
Land barons have been parcelling land reserved for clinics and other amenities to unsuspecting residents.
Corporate Communications Manager Mr Michael Chideme says the long arm of the law will soon catch up with the land barons.
“We urge all people who have settled illegally to move out of land reserved for clinics as this will in future affect service delivery.
“Council has a clear roadmap of health services delivery and has reserved certain pieces of land for future construction of clinics so people cannot just settle there,” he said.
Pieces of land reserved for clinics have been invaded by land barons in Budiriro, Harare South, Harare East and some parts of Harare West. Some of the ring leaders have been arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to various jail sentences behind bars.
“Land reserved for health facilities is for the common good. Anyone tempering with such pieces of land is doing a great disservice to the city and nation as a whole,” he said.
In their planning wisdom the forbearers of urban planning in Harare had reserved vast tracts of land for future development by the city in tandem with population growth of the day and demand of services.
Mr Chideme said those who have been given notice to vacate such pieces of land should voluntarily pull down their structures to save their materials.
Council has in the past assisted those failing to comply through use of bulldozers