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Harare City Council will soon charge other local authorities for services rendered by its Emergency Services Division.
The city’s Emergency Services Division responds to district calls in areas like Chitungwiza, Ruwa, Epworth and Norton.
Emergency responses have been rendered to to cities such as Bindura, Marondera, Chinhoyi, Chivhu and beyond.
According to the recent minutes of the Education, Health, Housing and Community Services and Licensing Committee Acting Chamber Secretary Mr Charles Kandemiri reported that the city was using resources contributed by and meant to provide services to its ratepayers to service residents of other local authorities without the means to recover costs for service rendered.
In order to hold the responsible local authorities accountable, the Committee noted that Council should have binding Memorandum of Agreements with the local authorities which will enable them to charge and recover costs for the services rendered during Emergency services calls.
“Council needs to charge other local authorities for services rendered out of Harare by City of Harare’s Emergency Services Division. Emergency Services Division had been charging the persons whom it would have rendered services. Council could not recover costs for the services.”
“If they defaulted, they was no mechanism to levy them. Therefore charging the said local authorities guaranteed the City of receiving payment for services provided and they would in turn recover from their residents because it was their responsibility to offer Emergency Services to their residents and ratepayers,” reads the minutes.

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