The proposed Showgrounds Local Development Plan (LDP) number 42 is now on public display and is open for scrutiny and objections.
The LDP went on public display on the 12th of June and will run for eight weeks to the 7th of August when residents are able to view the proposed plan before implementation begins.
Acting Chief Planner (Strategic and Forward Planning), Ms Wadzanai Vhutuza said the review of the Showgrounds LDP was necessitated by the need to make the area more viable because it was only functional a few weeks throughout the year.
“We are trying to revamp development in the area, addressing the issues of transport and transportation and also mainly the agricultural showground itself.
“It was just a facility which was only used for a few weeks for agricultural show, and for the rest of the year, it would lie idle.
“What we are trying to introduce through this LDP is that the Agricultural Show Society will continue to do business through the year, they continue to be viable and be a centre for agricultural excellence,” she said.
She revealed that the proposed LDP makes the showgrounds a mixed use facility with various businesses likely to take place within and around the area.
“We have introduced, along Samora Machel, a mixed use development zone where we think mixed uses will happen and introduce more life and vibrancy along the road, facing the showgrounds.
“We have redefined a residential zone, north of the mixed use development and introduced a new shopping centre,” she said.
She added that there are going to be offices on the Civic Centre grounds which will include a council complex where all offices will be housed to enable ease of doing business and access to council under one building.
“We have also included the Civic Centre in the LDP and have rationalised uses around the hotel, introducing a convention centre and on Belvedere Road we have introduced a service industrial site so that there are zones where people can work,” she said.
After the public display period, if there are no objections, implementation of the LDP will begin. In case there are objections, a resolution will be sought through various channels.