The Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network, held a drug abuse awareness workshop at Rowan Martin Building to educate Council workers.
Workers were given an insight into abuse driving forces. 
Most abused drugs are marijuana (mbanje), bronclear, better man, crystalment, mutiusinazita, purple set pill, and large doses of coffee.
“Tradition, availability of drugs, cost and effects of drugs are major factors that contribute to the abuse of drugs. “said Mr Hilton Nyamukapa from Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network. 
Sexual health issues such as the spread of STIs, HIV infection, teenage pregnancy and early child marriages were discussed.
Speaking at the same occasion Mr Tinashe Chimonyo a nurse in charge at a psychiatric hospital said drugs cause mental disturbances which includes hallucinations, stimulants and depressance.
A former drug addict, Mr Faiton Mupakami , encouraged girls to be more careful and be aware of the new drug called Red wine during parties as they are in risk of being drugged and raped.