Harare City Councils’ major priorities are the provision of clean potable water and trafficable roads, Mayor Herbert Gomba has said.
Speaking in a wide ranging interview with Canadian Ambassador René Cremonese, Cllr Gomba said while the city’s prioritises all other services water and roads are top priorities.
“We inherited some sixty year old infrastructure that was not being well maintained since independence. The infrastructure was meant for less than one million people but now we provide for a lot more than that,” he said.
“We are also providing water to satellite towns like Chitungwiza, Norton and Epworth. We therefore need to urgently look at the distribution network, sewer reticulation and the pumps so that we can meet the demand. Residents are receiving less because of leaks on the network.”
Mayor Gomba said council was looking to engage a company that addresses the raw water quality so that fewer chemicals are used in the treatment process.
He said this will also increase the turnaround time.
Council has since flighted a tender inviting companies to submit proposals for water treatment.
Council now requires over RTGS12 million a month after the recent monetary statement which requires suppliers to buy chemicals at the inconsistent inter-bank rate.
Cllr Gomba said there is need to look at the roads, both existing and in the new areas that were set up without proper planning.
“We have not had any meaningful investment in the roads infrastructure in the past 30 years and we are not receiving enough support from the Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (ZINARA) because we feel they are not giving us enough to maintain the roads.
“They collect the funds and then distribute them without considering that the majority of vehicles in the coun

try are in Harare,” he said.