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A special committee tasked by Council to look into the performance of the city’s markets has urged council to plough back to the market section as the lack of adequate infrastructure is giving room to space barons who capitalize on the people’s need to have shelter.
The committee chaired by Councilor Barbabus Ndira yesterday presented its report to Mayor Herbert Gomba at the 1889 Ordinary Council Meeting.
Members of the committee were councilor Stephen Dhliwayo, council officials Mr Stewart Mungofa and Mr Innocent Ruwende (Secretary), and experts Mr Hardlife Mudzingwa and Ms Maureen Kademaunga.
“Council must see to it the renovation of market sites which reflect a World Class City Status after embarking on a needs assessment exercise.”
“Improving the infrastructure will also go a long way in enhancing the revenue collected from the markets and City Council should allocate at least 30 percent of the collected revenue to periodic maintenance of the markets” reads the report.
The committee recommended that there should be maintenance of market infrastructure to suit the needs of the lessee and in the process increase revenue.
“The tariffs being charged should speak to the prevailing market conditions yet being within the reach of vendors. They should be competitive and provide value to the council. Market beneficiaries are in business to make money, so it only makes business sense to charge competitive rates,” reads the report.
The investigation committee found out that workers or staffs employed in the market section have developed a weak character susceptible to organized corruption.
“The weak value system has been bred by either delayed access to salaries or overstaying of markets staff at one place which ultimately create a cartel that maximize self-enrichment from revenues collected,” reads the report.
“A system of patronage and lessees beholden to markets officers birthed non-implementation of provisions of the law. By-laws governing the operations of the city are not religiously followed both on administration of markets and governance systems for markets in Harare.”

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