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Over 200 public transport operators who use the Copacabana, Market Square and Rezende Parkade ranks will today (Thursday) meet with city officials to agree on practical solutions to end the menace of pirate taxis.


The meeting which takes place at Town House will discuss the eradication of illegal bus ranks.

City officials and the operators have been meeting weekly to deliberate on public transport issues but very little progress on eradicating pirate taxis has been registered.

The meetings have been organised under the banner of the rapid results initiative (second hundred days).

“What will be agreed at the meeting is what the city traffic enforcement will implement. There is already consensus that illegal ranks should not be used and that public transport owners are accountable for what their drivers do on the road,” said the City’s Corporate Communications Manager Mr Michael Chideme.

The use of illegal ranks and the continued mushrooming of pirate taxis is damaging the city’s brand equity.

A significant percentage of the city’s population is now shunning the CBD while some business operators are moving out of the city centre to set shop elsewhere.

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