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Harare City Council is advising all illegal settlers on Ingwe and Crowborough Farms to move out of the wastewater treatment farms immediately because pumping of wastewater to irrigate the grazing pastures has begun.


Mid this year council warned the settlers against continued stay indicating that by end of year wastewater pumping to irrigate the grazing pastures would resume.

The settlers should move out to avoid contracting diseases such as typhoid, cholera, diahorrea among others.

The pumping of the wastewater onto the farms follows the successful upgrading of the Firle and Crowborough Wastewater Plants.

The city keeps several thousands of cattle on the farms that graze the pastures irrigated by the wastewater. If the wastewater is not used to irrigate the pastures – it means the city would be discharging the wastewater into the river systems further polluting the city’s water sources.

There is a clear buffer zone between human settlements and the farms to protect residents from the dangers associated with wastewater.

Those who have settled on the grazing pastures have defied logic and are at risk of contracting diseases. The City is also pursuing with the help of the Zimbabwe Republic Police individuals who vandalised the wastewater reticulation infrastructure at the two farms.


Corporate Communications Division
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