ZIMBABWEAN born and Canadian based doctor Norman Museve has donated an assortment of medical equipment and medicines to Highfield Polyclinic.
Dr Museve was born at the institution in 1950 and has over the years donated various pieces of medical equipment to the clinic.
Speaking at the handover ceremony Mayor Herbert Gomba thanked Dr Norman Musewe for promoting the spirit of Ubuntu and giving back to the community and implored Zimbabweans to assist rebuilding Harare without resorting to blame game.
“Ladies and Gentleman here present ,I am happy to be with you at this special occasion to witness one of us from abroad who has decided to help his own nation.’
“ Our City is heading towards a World Class city status, and we are getting guidance from those who have seen it all. Currently we are building three clinics namely Glenorah,Highfield (Tariro) and Kuwadzwana.
“We are also turning some of the clinics into caesarean facilities, to allow for operations to be undertaken conveniently.We are also engaged with private players to try to come up with how we can improve our facilities to enable us to come up with a City Health Plan.” he said.
Dr Norman Musewe thanked the Harare City Council for affording him the opportunity to donate and expressed how one man’s contribution can change a lot.
“This gift here is not the essence of this gathering but actually a sign of not only how we feel but what we are aiming to better the nation into the future.’
“Its often a good thing to work from the foundation because now we can be able to look forward.” he said
Ward 25 Councillor Luckson Mukunguma said it was important for the community to give back and showcased future plans for the council’s polyclinic.
“I would like to thank you Dr Musewe for this. This is good, and continue doing great work. We always say doing good to yourself, is doing good for the community. We would like to thank you on behalf of the council and ministry at large.’
Councillor Mukunguma challenged Mayor Gomba to keep doing great work at work on the project to make Highfield Polyclinic into a District hospital.
“My dream with this clinic is to make it a district hospital. Your Worship I would like your hands to be tight on this project so that it comes out well.
“The staff here present has this issue on the table. Highfield Polyclinic actually receives patients as far as Harare South referred to this polyclinic.’
“So it’s actually a very big clinic or a hospital to be thus you are all welcome with open arms. We welcome everyone even students here to learn so that in return we learn something from you too, so that our community grows to greater heights.” he said.
Former Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda echoed the same sentiments imploring Zimbabweans to rebuild their country in unison.