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In an effort to make the city’s roads trafficable, the Commuter Transport Development Network of Zimbabwe (CODENET) has designed a mobile application that directs passengers and commuter operators to designated bus ranks.
The application is likely to change the urban transport sector when fully implemented.
Appropriately named Hwindi, after the touts who man ranks in the city, the application directs passengers to the nearest designated ranks – the hwindi style.
CODENET president, Tapiwa Mashingaidze, said the idea is to have trust, safe and secure travel for residents.
“Besides creating trafficable roads by directing residents to designated ranks, the application is a direct communication gadget between the passengers and drivers, thereby eliminating the middlemen.
“It is an introduction to e-travel. It can show distances and rates and can link passengers thereby reducing the risk of being robbed,” he said.
He added that the application can be used by operators themselves to monitor how their drivers are operating.
“Operators can actually see where their drivers are picking up passengers from thereby reducing the use of the illegal mshika shika,” he said.

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