Mayor Herbert Gomba is happy with the calibre of his fellow councillors and the management team but was quick to point that non performers will be asked to pave way for new blood.
Addressing delegates at the State of the City presentation, he said among his team of councillors are development experts, lawyers, human resource practitioners among other skills.
His address was punctuated with thump ups and ovations.
He said his Deputy Cllr Enock Mupamawonde is adding value as he has experience from the previous council.
"He has institutional memory, which is helping us a lot in decision making. What is also worthy to note is that we have 38 male Councillors and eight female Councillors.
"Of the female councillors, Cllr Kudzai Kadzombe was elected to be the Chairperson of the Environmental Management Committee, the first one in over fifteen years. We are a Council that views gender equality as an important part of the development agenda, hence she heads a committee that deals primarily with service delivery issues which affect women, men, young people and persons living with disability in different ways. We will continue to ensure that gender issues are addressed and ensure that more women take up leadership positions in line with our Gender Policy," he said.
He said council now has a substantive Town Clerk in Eng Hosiah Chisango who together with his management team are on performance based contracts.
Council has three substantive heads of departments with the other three in acting capacity.
He said outstanding labour cases is delaying the appointment of substantive heads.
"Ladies and gentlemen, your Council continues to deal with legacy work culture and work ethic issues which negatively affect service delivery. Lack of effective supervisory mechanisms has always been a challenge. I am glad to report that the Town Clerk is taking corrective action and one Director has been sent on leave for 45 days to allow for investigations into issues which we will make public once the inquiries are complete," he said.
He said council was in the process of reviewing the Recruitment and Promotion Policy to attract and retain the best talent on the market and also to ensure that promotion from within is based on merit and not patronage or comradeship. In addition to that, your Council will get rid of all deadwood in management and the lower levels. We want a new work ethic that is commensurate with the new development trajectory we are pursuing, that of a Smart City and the Urban Renewal Agenda.
He promised to ensure that all critical posts were filled during the life of his council.