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Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Hon July Moyo has dispelled speculation that he is at loggerheads with Harare City councilors.
His response put paid to speculative media reports that insinuated a wedge between Central and Local Government.
Responding to press questions during the tour of Morton Jaffray last week Minister Moyo said he was able to separate politics and civic duties.
“At political level I have no problem working with any council both urban and rural. When I am working with them I look them as civic leaders because when we are in council we want to solve the problems of the people, he said.
“We want to solve problems for the people and the people are indivisible. They are not divided between central and local. They expect a service that is indivisible,” he said.
He said when it comes to politics he knows where to practice it in as much as the councilors are aware.
He said at operational level the town clerk and his subordinates work with officials of Government.
“Every act that is undertaken by a council like Harare including many things. There is an Act of Parliament which is administered by a minister in Central Government.
“So officials who are dealing with water for instance when they want to more details they go to the water Act to see what requirements are needed and the ministry also makes sure that Harare City Council and other councils follows those regulations
He called for more cooperation between officials at council and Government.

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