Harare residents are praising the city and it’s partners for beautifying road islands in and around the Central Business District saying the duty to maintain the good works was a collective one between council and residents.
The islands have become a safe haven for the Harare residents who are taking time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and environment whilst doing their daily chores.
“You are doing a great job with these places, and it takes the City back to its heydays as the Sunshine City if you replicate your good works of island rehabilitation.
“An environment cannot be labelled an environment if there is no vegetation, so by planting trees and seeding lawn you are improving our environment. We have to support this initiative, and let’s embrace, because after all it’s not only City of Harare that’s benefiting but it’s for us all,” said Mr George Mhizha.
Residents also expressed gratitude at the level of commitment being showcased by Council in making the city a better place for all.
“The generation right now have never experienced the beauty of Harare. We happen to have a glimpse of what the Sunshine City looked like. We need to take up the challenge. By this initiation being done for us, we have something to see and believe in that development within our city centre. This council is progressive,” said Ms Hilda Mubaiwa.
Residents also encouraged Council to erect bins and put measures to ensure that vehicles do not end up on the islands.
“Council needs to erect barricades along these islands. Since they are both walk-in and out pathways along the islands, it will increase awareness and caution along these roadsides islands.
“If all the islands are developed like this, you will promote order and sanity especially these commuter omnibuses that tend to climb over the islands,” she added.
The setup of sitting areas and islands along major roads in the Central business district has transformed the once congested into conducive environment, good for relaxing, meeting and socialising.
As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) various organisations including Netone,Telone,PSMAS,ZB Bank amongst others have adopted islands in and around the city to maintain and help Harare achieve a World Class City Status by 2025.