Harare City Council is now owed in excess of $1,4 billion by residents, business and Government, a situation which is adversely affecting service delivery.
As of May 31 this year residents in high density areas owed council $359 312 594 while those in low density owed $504 012 990.
Industry and commerce owe the city $529 740 528 with government owing $38 590 763.
The city requires over USD$2.1 million per month for water treatment chemicals alone.
At current consumption the city is using USD84 000 per day for water chemicals and the figure is likely to rise considering the works being carried out to improve water availability in the city.
The city also requires huge sums of money towards road rehabilitation programmed, refuse collection, purchase of medicines and attendant services in the health sector.
City Principal Communications Officer Mr Innocent Ruwende said failure by stakeholders to pay for service is stalling progress in the city.
“Residents and business fund service delivery. Stakeholders should realize that without them paying for services, the city will not progress.”
“We want to encourage residents to clear their areas so that council continues to meet its obligations and provide superior services which our residents always ask for. We understand that we are in a difficult situation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic but stakeholders should strive to ensure that council continues to provide services through paying their bills.”