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Harare needs new cleaner sources of water, Town Clerk Eng Hosiah Chisango has said.
His response dovetails with the joint efforts of Council and Government who are working on elaborate plans to address the longtime water crisis.
Council set a team led by Deputy Mayor Cllr Enock Mupamawonde to engage Government on the issue. The results of the engagement can be seen in the separate pronouncements by the two parties.
Eng Chisango said part of the long term solutions includes fixing issues of non revenue water. Non revenue water is water that is lost due to leakages and thefts by residents either through illegal connections and or vandalism to divert water. while it also important to deal with issue of non-revenue water, Town Clerk
Responding to questions from Councilors at the 1888 Ordinary Council meeting Engineer Hosiah Chisango said he was alive to the raging water debate on whether the city needs new water sources or it only needs to address the issue on non-revenue water.
“There have been submissions by engineers and other experts on the solution of the water crisis in Harare. You would find out that there are some who are proposing for new water sources and some to repair leaks but my answer is it all depends with what one specializes in because the answer lies between the two,” he said.
“Of course we need to deal with non-revenue water but the issue of new water sources cannot be left aside because in Harare we are looking at the quality of water that we are treating to portability. We need a cleaner source. We need the Musami and the Kunzvi dams as a matter of urgency.”
Eng Chisango said Council was currently engaged with the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works with a view to address short, middle and long terms solutions to the water crisis.
He said for the short term solutions they were looking at the issue of water chemicals.
“We have decided that we must localize the production of chemicals so as to minimize the cost. The other thing is the expansion of Morton Jaffary so as to maximize water production in Harare together with repair of leakages.”
“However the bigger project is that of Kunzvi and Musami Dams. We are yet to finalize on these projects.”

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