Located at the heart of the Central Business District, the evergreen Harare Gardens is an awesome place to take a moment of undefiled wander of thoughts.

For the mature and quiet seeking individuals the centre of the park is ideal to listen to inner voices away from the routine bustle of daily Harare.

This 21 hectare garden is endowed with unique flora well-manicured under a good canopy of trees that radiate it for both cover and cozy advert of feelings. It indeed is a place to be for residents and visitors alike.

Residents just like this park. Soon the park is going to get a facelift through the envisaged expansion of the Legacy Hotel (Monomotapa). The council owned park has largely served its purpose as a place of relaxation, study and catch up moments.

The famous gardens are home to Harare’s premier entertainment show – Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA).

Lovebirds find the park as the ideal place to cement relationships and to take a rest.

“We always come to rest in this park because that’s where we can freely discuss our relationship goals without any disturbance; you can even rest for the whole day because there is no noise here”, said Evelyn who spoke more than her fiancé.

At the north end of the Garden is a themed playground for kids with abundant space to run around and have fun. Children who come from schools around the city visit the area just to refresh their minds after hectic school work.

Council workers frequently inspect children’s play grounds to ensure they are in playable condition.

The garden is used by college and university students for school discussions. Most of them prefer Harare Gardens to libraries because its friendly and offers both fresh air and raw sunshine.

“I opt to come here because there is more fresh air and most libraries are not conducive for us to discuss as a group”, said Tendekai Chiunda, a university student.

The evergreen allotment also play host to the famous Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA), a 6 day annual festival that showcases the very best of local, regional and international arts and culture.

It has become a unifying environment that allows people from different cultural backgrounds to gather each year to appreciate each other’s artistic works.

For people who love art, this is surely the ideal place to visit during the HIFA period. Sculptures and other significant masterpieces are displayed.

A visit to the park is a date with beauty and as beautifully planned as the location, so are its offering, all made for the pleasure of visitors……come to Harare gardens and enjoy the City in its flow.