Mayor Hebert Gomba says Harare is the number one investment desination in Zimbabwe.
He says the review of the Harare Master Plan, Ease of Doing Business and the Investment Policy have unlocked vast potential.
Local authorities have proved to be a critical tier to the Government in the spearheading of development and investment promotion strategies that ensure ease of doing business for investors.
Speaking during an interview, Mayor Gomba said because of the conducive environment in the capital and a lot of investment opportunities Harare is the premier investment destination for Zimbabwe.
“Some say that Zimbabwe is Open for Business but I would like to suggest that Harare is best for business. We have become the number one destination in Zimbabwe for all the investors.
“To the community out there at large, I would like to invite you all to come over and experience the unique opportunities the city has to offer you. As Harare we have an already hands on Business Development Unit set up to see the best way we can accommodate investors in Harare.” Mayor Gomba said.
He said Harare has several twinning arrangements with other world capitals and was resuscitating some dormant ones.
“Through the City of Harare’s Investment Policy Framework, council has reaffirmed its commitment to attracting and retaining investment in order to achieve sustainable economic development goals.”
Harare is the premier investment destination offering investments opportunities which has seen investors flocking to fill the housing deficit of over 600 00.
Other opportunities exist in water, solid waste, farms, health and transport infrastructure such as Harare Mass transport system, construction of Harare mass transport stations and construction of regional bus stations.
Construction of theme parks, shopping malls, bus interchanges, home industries, flea markets, affordable overnight accommodation and modern health centres are other opportunities.