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Council Halls, Community Centres and Stadia can be booked for public and private functions at a fee. Booking can be made using the contact details provided below:

Council Halls




Magamba Hall

Stand No 3477 2nd Avenue Warren Park 1 Shops


Mt Pleasant Hall

Parkway Street, Bond Shopping Centre, Mt Pleasant


Rutendo Hall

Murara Road Mufakose


Tafara Hall

Muswewadepa Road, New Tafara


Cycil Jennings Hall

Stand No 7256 Jababvu Drive Old Highfield


Zimbabwe Hall

Stand No 7264 Main Street   Old Highfield


Dzivarasekwa Hall

Stand No 3852 Nherera Street Dzivarasekwa 3


Glen View New Hall

Stand No 8053 Corner Patrenda and Glenview Way

04- 690000

Sophie Hall

Stand No 2207 Glenview 1


Waterfalls Hall

Lot 1 Parktown Waterfalls Masocha Ndlovu Water falls.


Lusaka Hall

Stand No 7258 Mangwende Drive East Lusaka


Old Highfield Hall

Stand No7251 Mangwende Drive East Old Hihgfield.



Glen Norah Hall

Stand No 7563Spaceman Shopping Centre.


Chembira Hall

Stand No 7056 Geln Norah A


Stodart Hall

Stand No397 No 1 Petestat Avenue.


Mbare Gymnastics’ Hall

Corner Parazangu /Peterstat Avenue


Mai Musodzi Hall

Corner Mbare Rd /Ardbennie Rd next to Mbare Bus Terminus


Hatfield Hall

Stand No 278 Block B Corner Elgin Rd /Alexander Rd Hatfield


Sunningdale Hall

Stand No 16632 Second Rd off Boshoff Drive Sunningdale.


Mbare Flats Hall

Corner Adam Chigwida/Ardbennie Rd Mbare

04 -2932715


Mabvuku Hall

Mabvuku Drive, Old Mabvuku


Mbare Netball Complex Hall

Corner Parazangu /Peterstat Avenue


Council Community Centres




Glen Norah Community centre 2

Stand No 8544 Glen Norah B

04-2932 712.

Kaunda Plot

Muonde Road Mufakose


Kambuzuma 2 Centre

Rukudzo Road Mufakose


Matapi Community Centre

20th Street Harare Rd South Mbare


Chizhanje Community Centre

Chizhanje road , Old Mabvuku


Mabvuku Soup Kitchen

Off Mabvuku drive and   Chaminuka Road


Old Mabvuku Community Centre

Corner Chinhamhora Road and Derere Road


Area D Community Centre

Inside Mabvuku Full Day Care Centre, New Mabvuku


Budiriro Youth Training Centre

Stand No 2702 Chidamba Crescent, Budiriro 2


Budiriro Community Centre

Stand No 680 Budiriro 1

04- 690137

Chinembiri Training Centre

8 Munaku Way, Corner Mavyani Street, Mbare

04- 664397/ 2932713


Stand No 8277 Kuwadzana 6 Shopping centre


Old Farm House Community Centre

Stand No 585 18 Crescent, Glenview 1


Glenview 3 Community Centre

Corner 11 Street / Patrenda Way. Glenview 3

04- 690290

Tariro Community Centre

Area 8, Glenview


Area E Community Centre

Nhoro Street     Mufakose


Area A Community Centre

Mukamba Street   Mufakose


Area H Community Centre

Nyati Street Mufakose


Area J Community Centre

Chiguyakuya Street Mufakose


Council Stadia




Dzivarasekwa Stadium

Stand No 1504 Tangai Street Dzivarasekwa 1 Shopping Centre


Gwanzura Stadium

Mangwende Drive Machipisa Shopping Centre Highfield


Rufaro Stadium

Remembrance Drive Mbare.


Warren Park Stadium

3rd Avenue Warren Park 1


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  • Guest (Lameck Tapiwa Mbimbi)


    Good evening,

    I humbly request for your assistance with regards the removal of refuse that is being dumped close to my house in Glen Norah A. The collection of refuse is not consistent which has resulted in the residents in my location dumping their refuse close to my house. I am unable to monitor who dumps the garbage because it is either done when I am at work or in the evening, or when it is done at times I will be in doors. The refuse is now a health hazard not only for me but for all the people in my neighbourhood. We are at risk of contracting typhoid or some other archaic disease caused by uncollected refuse. The problem still persists and as of yesterday, there was a foul stench that was coming out of that garbage heap and upon investigating, I was advised that there are some people that are dumping dead chickens on the site. In addition, those who have infants are also dumping used diapers on the site. My family was affected the whole night and today. I am faithful with regards the payment of my Council rates and the last time I checked , there was a charge for refuse collection....which service I am not enjoying currently.

    I humbly request that you assist me in having this garbage removed as soon as is possible as it is now posing a health risk not only to me but to the other residents especially children who play around that area.

    The refuse is along High Glen Road, about 500 metres from Glen Norah Police Station.

    My address is 2579 Mungadzi Road, Glen Norah A. My house is close to High Glen road and is opposite Canaan Western (Highfields).

    Your assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.


    Lameck Tapiwa Mbimbi