The City of Harare advises its residents and rate-payers of the Building Plan Approval Process.

Residents can approach architects and draughtsperson who can draw their building plans.

Building Plan Approval Process
1. Submit the plan to the District Office as you pay the fees
2. District Office submits plan to Department of Works at Cleveland
3. Plan is discussed at one stop shop which sits on Tuesdays and Thursdays
4. Some plans are submitted to ZESA and Fire Brigade depending on size and scope of the building for example boundary walls and commercial buildings for public safety.

Requirements to accompany the plan

  1. Proof of ownership (Title deed, Agreement of Sale, Allocation letter from Council or Goverment)
    2. Certificate of Compliance (for new developments)
    3. Filled in TPD1 Form and Architect Form (commonly for low density and commercial buildings)
    4. Building approval fees
    5. Surveyor General Diagram of general plan for stand (commonly referred to as site plan)

If plan does not have any corrections to be made, it is approved at one stop shop as it sits and later on signed by the Chief Building Inspector within the same week.

If the plan has corrections to made, the Architect, Planner or Draughtsperson who drew the plan has to be called in to ammend the plan and put it back to the one stop shop for final approval.