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Harare City Council is opening a fully-fledged district office in Southlea Park a move which is expected to shorten the distance travelled by residents of Fidelity Park, Ushewokunze and Southlea Park.
The areas have an estimated 48 000 housing units.
According to the recent minutes of the Education, Health, Community Service and Licencing Committee, Housing and Community Services director Mr Addmore Nhekairo told council that the city office in the area did not give the full range of services to the residents of the area hence the need to establish a fully-fledged District Office.
“The standard practice was that a fully-fledged district office should have a minimum threshold of 10 000 housing units. The total housing units in the extreme southern suburbs, exceeded the minimum threshold of 10 000,” reads the minutes.
“He also reported that the standard approved architectural designs for a district office were available. The establishment of this district council will enhance service delivery by bringing services closer to the residents of the extreme southern areas.”
Council approved the establishment of the district office and authorised Mr Nhekairo to identify a site for the construction of the district office.

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