Harare City Council is partnering Dialogue on Shelter, Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation Safe and inclusive Cities in showcasing opportunities which exist for youths in urban governance and development.
Today , the Alliance of Dialogue on Shelter and its partners together with Harare City Council carried a workshop focussing on creating a link between the youth and Harare City Council.
The Alliance of Dialogue on Shelter and Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation in partnership with Plan International and Junior Achievement Zimbabwe is currently implementing a project in Hatcliffe, Mbare and Epworth titled “The Safe and Inclusive Cities Programme”.
In an interview with the Programs Director for Dialogue of Shelter Mr George Masimba, said the programme aims to support youth programmes.
“The program is set to create a linkage between the city and the youth around specific interventions and initiatives as pilots to showcase what can be done when youths come together on issues that impact on their lives in collaboration with the Harare City Council,” he said.
“We have a set some pillars for the youths. These are safe communities, safe public transportation and decent work so that they help in the lives of the youth.”
Mr Masimba also said they came up with the programme following the realization that youths were facing a number of problems in the city such as lack of safety mainly in public places hence the need for the partnership.
“We saw the need to create this programme because of the need for the safety of youths as they are vulnerable to violence both in the community and the city hence there is in need for the involvement of the Harare City Council since they cannot address the issues alone.”
Mr Masimba also said that the involvement of Harare City Council helps the youths to further understand more about the city’s functions.
Various city departments made presentations on their daily functions and duties.