Harare City Council is worried with the rate at which people are losing their investments to fraudsters especially when there is enough publicity against buying council land from third parties.
The city urges all residents to verify with council officials before engaging in land deals.
It has once again come to our attention that some scammers are parcelling out land in and around the city.
Reports have been made in residential areas like Westlea, Belvedere West, Mabvuku Tafara, Marlbereign and in the Central Business District.
A case in point is what is happening at Eyestone where the scammers are selling stands for $12 000 under a cooperative named ZIMASSET.
Council would like to reiterate that these transactions are illegal and the people who bought the stands should to report the fraudsters to the police.
Before buying a stand, we urge the people to verify with Harare City Council Housing Department at Remembrance in Mbare.
As council we sympathise with residents who have already parted with their hard earned cash.
But while we sympathise with them – we are also determined to bring order in Harare and to restore the invaded land to its planned use.
Some of the land we are referring to was planned for schools, clinics, recreational facilities, business centres while some of it is unsuitable for construction work.
Some are even Wetlands.