LAND invaders are losing thousands of dollars in illegal investments following council's decision to pull down structures built onwetlands, school and clinic sites.
Some have illegally built on road verges and others on water and wastewater farms and lines.
Most invasions occured in the southernand western suburbs.
According to recent minutes of the Environmental Management Committee chaired by Councillor Kudzai Kadzombe, Director of Works Eng Zvenyika Chawatama told the committee that council has noted with concern the rampant cases of land invasion which has seen council resorting to taking legal action through effecting a nine month eviction order against the invaders.
“Arising from the presentations by invited councillors, the committee expressed concern at the invasion of Crowborough Farm and open spaces in Budiriro,” reads the minutes.
“The Director of Works reported that with regard to invasion of Crowborough Farm, Council has sought for nine months eviction orders and was only left with one month to effect the evictions.”
The Environmental Management Committee has made evictions a top priority solely because the land being occupied by the invaders has been reserved for the construction of council schools and other purposes.
The committee requested Eng Chawatama to identify all school sites which had been invaded so council can get eviction orders.
He was also tasked to engage the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Commissioner with regards to the matter.
“With regard to the Budiriro issue the Director of Works reported that the Zimbabwe Republic Police were not willing to help Council to stop the new invasions. He had however, since booked an appointment with the ZRP Commissioner to map a way forward on the issue.”
“He also further requested to organise a meeting with the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Environmental Management Committee to map a way forward on the matter,” reads the minutes.