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Harare City Council has responded well to calls by the public to service residential land as a measure to guard against land thefts, illegal occupations and fleecing of the public.


The city has put in place a value addition team to oversee the servicing of land which will be sold to beneficiaries on the housing waiting list.

Acting Town Clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube told a recent full council meeting that it was the responsibility of council to allocate serviced land to housing beneficiaries.

For the past 20 years council has been unable to provide that service because of financial constraints and because it was believed the housing cooperative model gave the best results.

The gap left by council gave rise to housing cooperatives and the introduction of pay schemes.

“Most of these projects have remained undeveloped or partially serviced with beneficiaries staying in unplanned temporary structures,” she said.

The proposed team will streamline the land delivery chain in a transparent and co-ordinated manner across council.

“There is going to be a ring fenced estate account for a revolving fund that is meant for servicing land and infrastructural development, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has an additional option for availing funds for land value addition project through Homelink,” said Mrs Ncube.

The Homelink project will provide low and medium cost housing to both locals and the diaspora home seekers.

Once stands are serviced, applications would be selected from the council’s housing waiting list and would also be availed to cooperatives.

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