ProBin Waste Management is set to partner Harare City Council in managing litter through the introduction of underground bins.
In an interview, Probins Business Consultant Mr Misheck Mugaro said they have invented a new concept of managing waste which is environmentally friendly. 
“Due to the fact that there is litter everywhere, we developed a concept of managing waste which is environmentally friendly and have specific type of bin called the underground bins to avoid surface littering and fly problems especially mosquitos during rainy seasons which causes diseases.”
“Refuse collection will no longer be frequently done but periodically because the bins have a huge carrying capacity.”
He also said that these bins are unique because they can be colour coded as a way to split inorganic and organic waste.
“Unlike ordinary Bins you spilt the type of waste organic and inorganic and we will educate the market to start splitting the waste. Will colour code the bin for organic and another for inorganic to make it easier for users to differentiate.”
The Mayor Cllr Hebert Gomba said he was impressed by the idea as it is going to provide service delivery to the Harare citizens.
“This is beautiful and this something we need to adopt as council”
“It helps in providing service delivery in a more flexible way as it is a one stop solutions solving the problem of flies, surface littering and it goes hand in hand with the Vision, Harare to achieve a world class city status by 2025.”
Mr Vitalis Mataurwa, Group Safety, Health and Environmental Officer for National Foods acknowledged the 
“We had a lot of fly problems but this system halted the problem by keeping the flies way. The new system has proven to be healthy and environmental friendly. Waste segregation has become systematic and better to manage in short it is working well for us” 
The bins are already functional in the CBD along Forth Street. They wish to extend this system to schools, industrial areas and schools and pick the waste periodical.