Rwandan Ambassador to Zimbabwe James Musoni has commended Harare City for engaging the private sector in city beautification programmes.
He said Rwanda successfully implemented the strategy that has seen the world visit Kigali because of its garden city status.
He was responding to Mayor Herbert Gomba who had told him of the city's grand strategies in restoring Harare's glory.
Speaking during a meeting with Mayor Gomba during a courtesy call at Town House Ambassodor Musoni said his embassy is adopting the area surrounding its premises.
Mayor Gomba said council is inviting corporates to adopt pieces of land - beautify and maintain them.
“We will soon launch a 100 day city beautification programme so that we can do what we have been doing along Samora Machel, Julius Nyerere and Fourth Street, among other roads,” he said.
“We are going to generate letters to corporates to partner the city in the beautification process,” said Mayor Gomba.
Ambassador Musoni said his Embassy will beautify areas around its premises.
“It is a good experience to have roundabouts managed by corporates. When you visit Kigali, you will see that most islands are managed by corporates,” he said.
“Corporates such as banks and airlines should be given pieces of land to maintain, we should however not crowd them with responsibilities,” he said.
He revealed that RwandAir had since selected a roundabout to green along Airport Road.
Meanwhile, efforts for the twinning arrangements between Harare and Kigali are now at an advanced stage, having been delayed after the Mayor of Kigali was posted to Switzerland as an Ambassador.
“It is important to learn from Kigali, we should arrange exchange visits whereby our people can go to Kigali and their people coming this side so that we can exchange ideas, knowledge and culture,” said Mayor Gomba.
In response, His Excellency said they are working with new Mayor on the twinning efforts.
“We are coordinating with the new Mayor so that we can collaborate and have the Memorandum of Understanding Signed,” he said.