Harare City Council has suspended its regional building inspector Mr Roy Nyabvure for allegedly defying a council resolution when he approved building plans on an area under investigation.
The suspension with benefits is with effect from 31 July, 2019.
The suspension will facilitate investigations into the matter.
It is alleged that Mr Nyabvure approved plan number EX1198 on 21 March 2019 for a proposed toilet block on stand number 40699 S.T.l Mbare township in contravention of Standing Council Resolution to stop all developments on the above property, pending the outcome of an ongoing Audit Investigation on the same property.
He also allegedly approved Plan Number EX1369 on 9 July, of a proposed Cloakroom on the same property in total disregard of Council Standing Resolutions.
Mr Nyabvure is also accused of approving plans without the applicant submitting a Survey Diagram as required by Council Standing Operating Procedures on plan approval process.
In a letter to Mr Nyabvure Works Director Eng Zvenyika Chawatama said, “Your suspension is meant to facilitate investigations against you in line with Part V1 of Code of Conduct and Grievances Handling Procedure Statutory Instrument (SI 13 of 2015).”
The susprnsion bars Mr Nyabvure from visiting his work place or council premises.