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Harare City Council is repairing grit elevators and biological water filters at Firle and Crowborough Wastewater Treatment Plants to improve wastewater reticulation and increase the amount of wastewater treated at the plant to 126 mega litres per day.
The two treatment plants receive 205 mega litres per day of waste water, with 83 mega litres being treated to satisfactory effluent quality as per Environmental Management Agency standards.
According to the recent minutes of the Environmental Management Committee, Harare Water acting director Eng Phakamile Moyo reported that the city’s waste management services which encompass collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal of sewage from Harare to five sewage treatment plants.
It has more than 5 500km of sewage reticulation collection networks.
The treatment capacity has been affected by numerous breakdowns at the major treatment plants with the plants treating only 83 mega litres instead of 219 mega litres per day.
“During the period under review, the treatment plants received 205mg/l of waste water with only 83mg/l being treated to satisfaction according to Environmental Management Agency standards.
“Numerous breakdowns at the major treatment plants that is, Firle and Crow borough is affecting the treatment capacity.
“Repair of grit elevators at Firle, BNR units and biological filters at both plants is currently underway to urgently increase the capacity by 126 mega litres per day to cover the shortfall.”Eng Mabhena Mayo convoluted.
The city also plans to purchase sewer rods to augment high velocity and vacuum jet mobile vehicles in scouring and cleaning sand in the reticulation system.
Council believes through carrying out rehabilitation works at all major reticulation systems and treatment infrastructures, public health threats and environmental pollution would drastically be reduced.
Eng Moyo said tenders have already been submitted to council for the rehabilitation of 35kms of pipe work but still waits to be adjudicated through the proper legal channels before being awarded.
“Tenders for the rehabilitation of the 35km of pipe work and ancillaries under sponsorship by Higher Life Foundation in GlenView, Budiriro, Mabvuku and Tafara are being adjudicated for awarding in the third quarter of 2019.”he added.
The raw water quality at Lake Chivero has deteriorated to an extent the Ph level has reached an average 9.46 compared to last year’s average of 8, 4 making the treatment process more difficult.

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